Cat in the Bathroom

Anyone who knows me will completely and utterly unsurprised by the content of this post.

IMG_3501.JPGI’ve been an unwavering animal person my whole life. I have a vivid memory of being in the car with my mom on the way home from karate when I was 9 or 10 years. We were approaching a red light, and as the car slowed down I looked out the passenger window to see some kind of little hound dog, (a beagle maybe?) trotting along in the grass, pouncing on a bug here and there.

Maybe that dog belonged to someone nearby, maybe he was a farm dog i DON’T KNOW all I knew was that dogs aren’t supposed to be by themselves. I started crying, asking my mom to please, PLEASE, for the love of God pull over so we could save this poor little dog. My mom, who grew up in the plains of Venezuela where wild, rabid dogs aren’t exactly rare, looked at me like I was crazy. Said something about how it probably has fleas or rabies or something, and drove off.

That was the moment where I decided that as soon as I could drive, I would always stop and try to help a stray animal wherever I saw one.

Partially because it broke my heart not to help the dog we saw that day,

and partially to spite my mother.
(Is it a shock that I hated my mom as a kid? Come on.)

Today was one of those moments that I finally got to save an animal. ❤

The Peach and I were just walking our bikes back into our apartment building after a ride when I heard meowing, whirled around, and this orange tabby cat was approaching us like he knew me. He let me pet him, thoroughly enjoyed a scratching on the head. He even let me hold both of his paws, and looked up at me expectantly when I clicked my tongue. After some research (all the shelters and rescues in the area were closed) and deliberation (Ruby is around and we don’t want her to get fleas) we decided we could keep him in the bathroom overnight and take him to the shelter in the morning.

So. There’s a cat in the bathroom and I love him. ❤IMG_3499img_3494.jpg


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