Americans: Pay Attention to Venezuela (Part I)

This topic is back on my blog because two days ago my Aunt was beaten and robbed by a gang of thieves in Venezuela.

They took nearly everything she had, including every scrap of food, and left her and my elderly great-uncle in bad shape. This horrifying violation of my family’s peace of mind has us all thoroughly shaken–and naturally has me tossing around the overall situation in Venezuela in my mind yet again.

Specifically, I’m reminded of all the people in the US and many even in Venezuela who stand firmly by the idea that all of this is happening because socialism is terrible and destroys societies. I keep seeing people, especially right-aligned Americans, saying things like, “It’s so terrible what’s happening in Venezuela…proof that socialism doesn’t work.” So let me tell you something that you might not know and honestly might not like to hear:

Venezuela’s downfall is not the product of socialism.

Let me explain.

 [So lets go ahead and get this out of the way before you stop reading this and write me off as a propaganda-writing commie: this isn’t a pro-socialism persuasion piece– not that I have any problem with some facets of socialism but that is a post for another time. ]

Pretty much everybody in the world (other than fellow dictators) can look at the situation in Venezuela and agree that it’s terrible. We can all pretty much agree that the government is doing horrible things, the people are suffering needlessly, and Maduro’s government and the Chavistas who support him should not be supported or condoned. After all, who would support a government that uses snipers on protesters, falsifies election results, has complete and total control over the media, or stops humanitarian aid from entering the country when its hospitals are in a state of emergency?

This is not something that liberals and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans are split on– we are all in agreement that Chavez was and Maduro is a corrupt bastard and because of them Venezuela is going to Hell in a handbasket.

But what many don’t see– or are willingly refusing to see– is the reason. 

And the warning signs.

And that is where I need to roll up my sleeves, take off my earrings and teach y’all a couple things.

  • F I R S T of all, read this for a better frame of reference of the Venezuelan timeline.
  • S E C O N D, a rose is a rose and a pig is a pig no matter what their nametag says.

Hugo Chavez came to power under the title of a socialist and promises of a socialist revolution for Venezuela, which would mean seizing the means of production and then redistributing the wealth. Instead what he did was seize the means of production and then funnel the wealth to his influential supporters and family.

If I walk into your house and say “I’M A VEGAN” and then proceed to eat every steak in your fridge, would you believe I was vegan?

How about if I got on stage wearing a shirt that says “I’M A SOCIALIST” and then suggested a government run by the Pope, would you believe that I was a socialist?

I’m pretty sure the answer is no.

People are so blinded by their obsession with titles and categorizing people and events into neat little boxes [where they don’t fit] that they can’t see the goddamn forest through the trees.  They can’t see how much more loudly people’s actions speak than their promises or their titles, and refuse to loosen their death grip on their attachment to the titles!

Chavez and Maduro promised socialism and hope, but at the end of the day what they brought was feudalism and corruption.

So tldr; folks, unabashed corruption, not socialism, is what is destroying Venezuela.





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