I got an IUD inserted about three weeks ago. I will omit any editorializing about the "why" behind this choice in an effort to keep this post focused on its topic and not the goat rodeo that is the US government as of late, but let me admit to you-- that has been no easy … Continue reading My IUD:


I found this saved in my drafts just now, having written it 3 months ago. I must've intended to add more but here it is, unseamed.   ***   On Tuesday night around 2am I nervously refreshed the CNN app to see the election update. Trump had taken Florida and was only 30 votes away. … Continue reading Untitled

The South?

I'm getting progressively more discouraged. I've lived here for something like 10 months and I still don't have a single friend. And it's not for want of trying. I've gone to networking events | church events |joined a gym | started volunteering | tried an app | took a class | met other nannies | … Continue reading The South?

Charlie’s Adopted!

On Wednesday this week I dropped him off with his new family and I immediately burst into tears as I drove away. As soon as he walked into their house he made himself at home, sniffing everything there was to sniff, took a couple poos in their backyard and picked up the toy he somehow knew … Continue reading Charlie’s Adopted!